Alaska tsunami scientist urges education and preparedness

If you’re enjoying a lovely day on the beach, there’s something you should do if the ground shakes, the water retreats or the ocean makes a strange noise. “Run,” said Elena Suleimani, because those are signs that a tsunami is coming. “It’s a matter of minutes. Don’t return for at least 12 hours.”

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Temple Grandin to give two free talks

Celebrated scientist, author and inventor Temple Grandin will share her experiences with autism and animal science at 3 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 28, in the Davis Concert Hall on the Fairbanks campus. She will discuss how animals think, act and feel.

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The 10-day Colors of Nature program encourages young female artists to see themselves in science careers by entwining artistic and scientific activities.

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Cook Inlet Basin amplifies earthquake shaking

Millions of people live in dimples on the Earth’s surface — often near the ocean, in lowlands between mountain peaks too rugged and cold. One of these global indentations, Cook Inlet Basin, recently showed another characteristic of the planet’s basins — they quiver like a bowl of jelly during an earthquake.

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